Trait image::ImageDecoder[][src]

pub trait ImageDecoder: Sized {
    fn dimensions(&mut self) -> ImageResult<(u32, u32)>;
fn colortype(&mut self) -> ImageResult<ColorType>;
fn row_len(&mut self) -> ImageResult<usize>;
fn read_scanline(&mut self, buf: &mut [u8]) -> ImageResult<u32>;
fn read_image(&mut self) -> ImageResult<DecodingResult>; fn is_animated(&mut self) -> ImageResult<bool> { ... }
fn into_frames(self) -> ImageResult<Frames> { ... }
fn load_rect(
        &mut self,
        x: u32,
        y: u32,
        length: u32,
        width: u32
    ) -> ImageResult<Vec<u8>> { ... } }

The trait that all decoders implement

Required Methods

Returns a tuple containing the width and height of the image

Returns the color type of the image e.g. RGB(8) (8bit RGB)

Returns the length in bytes of one decoded row of the image

Reads one row from the image into buf and returns the row index

Decodes the entire image and return it as a Vector

Provided Methods

Returns true if the image is animated

Returns the frames of the image

If the image is not animated it returns a single frame

Decodes a specific region of the image, represented by the rectangle starting from x and y and having length and width